Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Eric Martsolf & Jen Lilley Discuss Brady & Theresa’s ‘Nightmare’ Reunion

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Eric Martsolf & Jen Lilley Discuss Brady & Theresa's 'Nightmare' Reunion
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Days Of Our Lives spoilers teased the return of Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley). On Friday’s episode of the NBC soap opera, fans watched as Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) encountered his former love and the mother of his child. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, the two actors discussed what to expect from Brady and Theresa, as well as a little tidbit about Eve Donovan Kiriakis (Kassie DePaiva).

As one would expect, Brady has a lot of different emotions when he sees Theresa, Martsolf explained. She is the last person he expected to see when he returned to the Kiriakis mansion.

“The guy is angry and surprised. He’s actually elated to see her, and it’s this giant mess of feelings all going on at the same time. It was really difficult to play because how do you play excitement and being completely disturbed at the sight of this woman at the same time? It’s a paradox.”

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that immediately, Theresa wants to tell Brady the truth. However, he isn’t interested in hearing anything she has to say. That doesn’t stop Theresa from telling Brady why she left and where she has been. She adds that the only thing that kept her going was the thought of seeing Brady and Tate again.

He isn’t sure he believes her story and is distrustful of her. Now, he needs time to figure out what the truth is. Meanwhile, Theresa has to prove that she really did sacrifice herself to save Brady and Tate.

Then, Theresa pulls Brady into a kiss just when Eve walks into the room. Theresa tells her sister the story, and that is when it is revealed that Brady and Eve are engaged. Martsolf explains that the whole situation is a nightmare.

Jen Lilley adds that Theresa has conflicting feelings about the relationship. She also teases that it is the beginning of a war.

“Brady’s moved on with her sister, which is also completely horrifying to her, and at the same time, there’s a part of Theresa that’s so grateful that Eve took care of Brady. It’s a war for all of them; it’s a war for Eve because she knows her sister loved Brady, and Brady feels the same thing except he has a love with Eve now.”

Days Of Our Lives spoilers from Eric Martsolf tease that fans might not expect what happens in the future.

“I can just tell you that it’s not going to be disappointing as far as the fallout with her return, and Brady and Eve’s reaction to the whole situation is quite unexpected, actually. I had to read the script a couple of times to really believe that this is what was going on. It’s actually surprising. It’s not what you would expect.”

Stay tuned for more Days Of Our Lives spoilers.

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